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Booklet infosawit untuk bahan referensi dalam menambah wawasan kelapa sawit indonesia.

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How to Shopping

   Download Tutorial Shopping in PDF

1.    Getting Started    Top

Welcome to infoSAWIT STORE, please make sure to read our  Terms and Conditions before you place an order. By using This website and make any kind of payment to us, we consider that you have agreed to our T&C.

Create an account

Before you get started on the site, please take a few minutes to create an account. Having an account will allow you to:

  • Get our FREE product

  • Check out faster on your next visit

  • Check your order status online

  • Access your order history

  • Save items like magazine or photo that you purchased and newsweek or booklet to your Library List

  • Items that you purchased can view online or download in your library.

You can create your account. Here's how:

A.    Click link register in our site :

B.    Fill in  blank field in register form.

Please Fill in username without white space (Spasi). e.g. : "member123", this field for login.


C.    After that you can login.

You can login with your username and password, if you forget one of them you can contact our staff through  ( Phone : 081585282400 // BBM 239f8558 ) or email that we provide in our contact page or directly to our e-mail:


Manage Account

You can manage your account in member page, just click “My Profile” in left side menu.

2.    Free Product   Top

a.    Newsweek & Booklet

As member you can view online or download our newsweek and booklet or  save it to your library in this website through my library menu just click ADD TO LIBRARY.

3.    Ordering   Top

a.    Cart

infoSAWIT STORE uses a "Shopping Cart" system that operates the same way a shopping cart does in a retail store: You may place items in and remove them from the cart at any time. An "BUY" button appears beside each item throughout the online store. Just click the button to buy an item to your cart!.
Price that are listed in this website is a fixed price and including taxes (vAT / ppn 10%).

Cart page

When you add an item to your cart, you'll be taken to a confirmation page. Once there, you'll have the opportunity to continue shopping. When browsing our site, you'll always have the option of viewing your cart by clicking the "My Cart" button that appears left side menu of every page.

When you've finished selecting the items you wish to purchase, click the "Order Now" button to advance to the payment procedure by click “Print Invoice” button.

b.    Invoice

After you click “Print Invoice” button invoice will be print on new tab your browser.

Or you can access it click “my invoice” on left side menu and your order history will show. This page will show your order status.

To view detail your order just click “View” orange button.

You can proceed to detail payment and confirmation.

4.    Payment & Confirmation   Top

a.    Payment bank transfer & Confirmation

//Bank Transfer :

Bank Name : Bank BCA
Account Name : PT. Mitra Media Nusantara
Account Number : 628-0483-88-3

all payments will automatically exchange into Indonesian rupiah (IDR)

Be noticed after the payment you made, please confirm the payment through the PHONE (Phone : 021 - 22988335// 081287299959 )  that we provide in our contact page or directly to our e-mail: , along with your invoice number and proof of payment.

(We strongly recommend to confirm your payment using “PHONE” and service on Monday - Friday (10:00 to 18:00)  for immediate process)

For any deception in payment, we will take a legal action. Do not make any fake confirmation.

After the payment & confirmation you made, our marketing staff will confirm it and our administrator will update your order status to “CONFIRMED” .

and it will automatically your purchased items saved in your “MY LIBRARY” menu.

5.    My Library   Top

a.    Item can be saved

Item can be saved like our free product Newsweek and Booklet (Subscribers only) and purchased items that have been purchased.

b.    View online & download

You can view online for items that you have purchased or download it.

View online :

Download : (right click at your browser and save as PDF)

For the photo that you have purchased can only be downloaded.

And photo that has been purchased is original size and no watermark (right click at your browser and save as JPG)


*  For  further information or question please contact us on telephone line (021 - 22988335// 081287299959 ) that we provide in  our contact page or directly to our e-mail:

Happy Shopping ....:)